A Quick Introduction:

I like to keep things simple, so I have made my page this way. It won’t bombard you with pointless information; I’ll provide links for that.
My intention here is to provide you with information about massage therapy, what it does and how it may be able to help with your problems. You and your needs are the focus of the session.
Even though I treat a lot of people suffering from headaches and back pain, I also strongly believe that massage therapy should be used to maintain your body. Receiving massage on a regular basis can help reduce the risk of injury before it becomes a problem.





How can I help you

Jeff Robinson Massage Traralgon headache


Many people suffer from headaches. I have found with most people who are affected by headaches also have muscular issues, trigger points and fascial restrictions. These, plus lifestyle habits, are major contributors to the problem.

By finding the source of your headaches, treating the soft tissue component, and also addressing lifestyle habits, headaches can be kept to a minimum.

Traralgon massage back pain

Back pain

Many people experience Low Back Pain and approximately 86% of Low Back Pain is non-specific. That’s good news because it means back pain probably involves the discs, joints, ligaments and, almost certainly, the muscles. 

By using massage techniques that target the soft tissues in the body, and implementing modifications in lifestyle, low back pain can be greatly reduced, allowing you to live a more functional lifestyle.

Keeping you mobile

Are you tired of getting those niggling issues every time you increase your exercise regime? Do you experience pain when sitting at your desk or workstation for prolonged periods?

Massage therapy isn’t always about dealing with a specific injury. Receiving regular massage can help to minimise issues before they have time to develop into something more serious. 

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