Sport, exercise and headaches

Sport and exercise can reduce the frequency of headaches due to release of endorphins. It is worth noting that exercise may also bring on headaches and/or migraines for some people. An elevation in blood pressure may be the reason for this.

With a well thought out plan headaches can be reduced so you can still get the benefits of exercise and reducing the chances of experiencing exercise induced headaches. By implementing a proper warm up, eating an hour or so before exercise and staying well hydrated you can improve your chances of not being affected by headaches after you exercise.

A high percentage of headaches are caused by Trigger Points (TrPs). TrPs make their host muscle fatter,shorter and cause a lot of pain, therefore exercise may be counterproductive, especially if they are part of a holding pattern. So avoiding exercises which make the muscles work too hard should be limited. If you are afflicted with TrPs it is best to have them treated and once the pain or holding patterns are gone it is all good to start exercising again.