Privacy Policy

I will ensure that only relevant personal information is collected from individuals. All information collected will be used to ensure that massage is provided in a safe, ethical and client centered manner.

I will have procedures in place to ensure that information is not shared or accessible to a third party.

I am committed to the highest standards of practice and will ensure that all information collected and stored adheres with the Australian Privacy Principles, the Privacy Act 1988 and the Notifiable Data Breaches Scheme.


  1. All computers used at my clinic are password protected to ensure restricted access.
  2. I store all my client intake forms, consent forms and third party forms received from my clients in a lockable filing cabinet.
  3. All my client treatment records are kept online within my cloud based booking software Timely. A full copy of Timely’s Privacy and Procedure document is available here.
  4. Any stakeholders  that may be entitled to access to client information (e.g. health funds for the purpose of auditing claims) must demonstrate they have appropriate Privacy Procedures in place, and submit all requests in writing.
  5. Your individual medical history or treatments will not be discussed with any person without your prior consent.
  6. Information that I collect from my client will only be relevant to the provision of massage therapy services and this information will not be passed on to any third party unless there is a threat to the clients safety (such as a medical emergency) or the safety of others or as permitted or compelled by law (such as a subpoena).
  7. As part of the yearly audit process, I will review the Australian Privacy Principles and Health Privacy Principles.
  8. You may request a copy of all records relating to your care by submitting a request in writing to

Your health information will be retained for a period of (7) years and will then be destroyed in such a way as to render them unreadable. A record of your treatment history is then kept on a form. Minors records will be retained until they reach the age of (25), being retained for a minimum of (7) years, and then destroyed in such a way to render them unreadable.