Therapeutic Massage.

Therapeutic Massage is the most common form of massage people think of when the subject is brought up.

The style I perform is very different as I don’t use a set sequence, but will massage according to what you feel your body needs at the time. This can vary daily, so it makes sense to adjust things, depending on what you’re feeling.

The massage is generally slow and deep, but all within your comfort level. This gives a greater feeling of relaxation, which is what we’re trying to achieve.

What to expect during a session:

  • You’ll first be asked to fill out a form which I use to assess your current status, your goals for this session, and how we’ll achieve them.
  • We’ll both agree on the treatment to be performed so I’m always working with you. This way you have control of your session at all times.
  • After the treatment I’ll ask for feedback regarding what we did.
  • We’ll both then discuss any future goals you may have, and how we can achieve them.